Engravers' Mask Orders

We offer a variety of preset sizes of Standard Design masks.

You can stipulate a customised size of mask or tell us the size of the image you wish to produce.

Mask costs for custom sizes will be added to your order when we process your order.

Artwork Requirements are the same as for Glass Orders.

We aim to despatch mask orders same day as receipt, providing they are received by 1200hrs.

Mask Orders cannot be placed with Glass Orders.

Mask invoices are issued at the end of a month and are based on the total value of all orders placed during that month.

Payment by credit card or bank transfer is strictly due 14 days after invoice date for Mask invoices. Alternatively, a credit card number can be lodged with us for immediate payment on our raising the end of month invoice.

We are unable to accept mask orders via the website.

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