Artwork Requirements

Most products can be engraved and some can be printed with linework (words and drawings) or photo-engraved (from a photograph or greyscale graphic image).

When you place an order, you will be able to choose from our large range of standard designs, or upload your own design. You can also send artwork to us via e-mail or post.

Linework & Printing

All our artwork layouts are made using CorelDraw version X3.

For your own designs, we accept .cdr files (but not images scanned into Corel as bitmaps).

Alternatively artwork can be sent as a vectorised .eps or high resolution .tiff file. Glass is either engraved or it isn't - the image must therefore be 100% black or 100% white - no colours or greys.

If you are selecting Printing, please ask for our information sheet regarding the difference between Pad Printing and Decal Transfer Printing.


We are able to faithfully reproduce photographs, including tones, onto glassware. We can also engrave graphic greyscale images.

Professionally taken photographs are always better than amateur 'snaps', because they generally have more tonal range (contrast). The more contrast, the better the photo-engraving. We can accept black and white, or colour photographs. High resolution scans are accepted in uncompressed (highest quality) .jpg format, or we can scan from originals sent in the post at a small additional charge.

Greyscale graphic images cannot contain any colour. They must be provided as .ai or .psd files.

Sizes of engraving are shown on our website. These are for guidance only. Depending on the engraving method used, sizes may not be able to be fully utilised.

We retain the right to artistic copyright on all artwork we prepare. We do not allow anyone else to make use of the artwork we prepare for you, nor do we relinquish our possession of that artwork to you, even if you pay an artwork charge.

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