Masks and Sandblasting Films

We are proud to be the UK Distributor of Rayzist films and sandblasting equipment.

Whether it's for our Trade Engraving service, or to make stencils for our customers, we only use Rayzist's superior film.

SR3000 Self-stick film Logo. SR3000 is a photo-resist sandblasting film used to make stencils
SR3000 is the choice of film for professional glass and crystal engravers.  Being Repositionable and Self-stick makes SR3000 a joy to use.  Available as A4 sheets or 12" wide rolls, we stock the following grades:
3mil - The most widely used grade of film by glass and crystal engravers.  Fine detail and Halftone images can be reproduced, with a resistance to sandblasting that allows a decent depth to be achieved.
4mil - Looking for a balance between achieving fine detail and depth/speed of blasting?  This is the film for you.  Good detail can be achieved, while the extra thickness of the film allows for higher pressure and/or coarser grit for blasting.
5mil - Excellent for multi-stage carving of glass and crystal, achieving good depth on harder materials such as stone.  Broad detail is achievable.


SR2000 Photo-resist film Logo. SR2000 is a photo-resist sandblasting film used to make stencils, and adhesive is required.
SR2000 is a non-stick film that requires RZ2 Adhesive to stick to a variety of surfaces, even those that are not polished!  Very Durable, this film is mainly used for projects that require an incredible depth to be achieved and/or on very hard surfaces.  SR2000 is available in a 6mil grade from our stocks, whilst 9mil can be supplied on request.


LazerMask Logo. LazerMask is a film that is applied to an item, the image is Lasered into the film, creating a stencil on the item and the item is then ready to be finished by sandblasting.
LazerMask is suitable for use with either CO2 or YAG Laser machines.  Cut a piece off and place onto the area to be decorated.  LazerMask is coated with a very strong adhesive, which will stick to many surfaces, making it very versatile.  Create the stencil on the item with your Laser Machine and then finish with Sandblasting.  LazerMask combines the speed of creating a single piece with a Laser Machine and the beauty of a sandblasted item.  LazerMask is removed easily leaving no residue behind.  Use RZ2 adhesive to apply LazerMask to non-polished surfaces to provide the required adhesion.


RZ2 adhesive is applied thinly, directly onto the rear of the stencil, a little goes a long way!  RZ2 will dry to a clear colour, highlighting that the stencil is ready to be applied to your item.  The outstanding adhesive properties of RZ2 allows you to apply stencils to just about any material.  Being water based, it is easy to clean with no chemicals required.