How to Shop

To browse, click on the Shop button at the top of the page. If you know what you require, enter the product code or description into the Search box on the top right-hand side, then click Search.

When you have found the product you require, click on its picture or name. You will be taken to a page showing a larger picture, together with more information about the item, and price. Prices vary according to quantity ordered and the type of decoration you require (Plain, Engraved or Printed).

Images on this site are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of orders nor are they endorsed by the individual companies, whose logos may appear on these images.

Once you are viewing a product, you can then choose the type of decoration required. Click on the appropriate button.

A page will appear which allows you to Configure the order (choose the quantity of the product, and if appropriate, allows you to specify the design & layout of engraving [and colour for printing]).

Some 'sets' of glasses can be individually decorated. Under these circumstances, our web site allows you to specify the decoration for each item or type of item, for example, a set of 6 glasses can be engraved with the same design, or they can each be engraved with a different design.

When you have configured an item, it will be added to your order. You may then choose to return to the shop, or you can checkout.

Each order is preset with the contact information for your 'profile', contained in your registration information. You can change the invoice or delivery address (changing the delivery address may alter your carriage charge).

To check out, click the "Checkout" button at the bottom of the order and proceed through the various stages of checkout as you are prompted.

We may send you 'order updates' to inform you about the stage of processing your order. Until we have prepared the artwork (if any) for your order, you will be able to review and modify your order. Simply log-in to your account on our website, review the order, change or add to it as required, then send it to us.

You may find that amendments or additions are not possible because the order has already entered production or our accounting system. Under these circumstances please contact us and we will usually be able to change your order.

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