What Forms of Printing do you offer?

Two forms:

  1. Pad Printing can be up to 4 colours. It is the least expensive but could be removed if someone took a sharp hobby knife to the print. Not suitable for dish washers.
  2. Decal Transfer Printing is labour intensive and fired in a kiln at 600°C. We can provide as many different colours as you require, but not to Pantone colours. Although we do not recommend washing any glass in a dish washer, the print will last for many hundreds of washes before it starts to fade.

If you are interested in Printing, please ask for our Information Sheets.

Which colours do you offer for Pad Printing?

Frosted Colour print is the most popular, because it emulates the colour of deep engraving. You can also select from Black, Dark Blue, Gold, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Light Blue, White and Yellow. We will also mix colours to be near to your requirements, but not to Pantone colours, due to the translucency of glass.

What are Pantone Colours?

These are colour/shade specific to a standard industry numbering system. Each shade/colour has its own number - and there are different numbers for printing the colour onto matte or glossy papers too! Due to the translucency of glass, we cannot work to Pantone Colours.

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