Other FAQs

How do I get into the Glass Engraving Business?

There are a number of ways of engraving glass/crystal. Laser, machine, hand and sandblasting. We prefer the latter, due to the deep, even and faithful finish. The equipment required can be obtained from us. Allow around £5k for a complete set of equipment including Free training (2 x 4 hour sessions which we guarantee will give you the confidence you need to engrave and maintain your equipment). Then you may need samples, so add on as much as you can - a bigger range will attract more customers. Then you need to Market your business (we can help with this, in the form of catalogues, websites etc.). If you are serious, talk with us first and avoid the many pitfalls.

I have a customer who wants glasses made out of recycled glass. Can you help?

We know of two companies that make glasses out of recycled glass and that is all they do. The quantities would have to be substantial and we would need to know the shape of glass required, the budget and the customer's lead time. We would then investigate the possibility of supply.

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