I only want words engraved. Why do you 'strongly suggest' that a design is required as well?

Words alone engraved on glass look very 'bland'. A Design 'lifts' the words and makes for a better impression. Even a Scroll underneath the words will enhance the engraving.

Can you engrave in more than one place on an item?

Yes, more often than not, we can. Tablets look best when engraved on both back and front surfaces - text on the front and design on the back. Solid blocks of glass/crystal reflect images and text when engraved on more than one side - on the base too!

Your website says Logo + 12 words. Can I have extra words?

Yes, we will engrave additional words for a small extra charge and our ordering service will calculate this for you. This is providing the piece/s you select are large enough to take the additional engraving.

I would like to have some colour in the engraving (for a Ruby or Silver Anniversary for instance)

Yes, we can infill the engraving with colour. We offer Gold (Bright or Dark), Silver, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Black. We can also mix colours to achieve your needs. Note that we cannot work to Pantone colours, due to the translucency of glass.

Will you add to an Existing Engraving?

Yes, if the existing engraving comes up to our standards and there is sufficient space.

Will you engrave my own glass?

Yes, but we do make a surcharge to our engraving costs. You will find it less expensive to select from our extensive range.

How long does it take to produce an order?

We quote 10 working days by default, but can usually supply within 3 working days. If an even faster service is required, our engravers will work overtime and we charge an additional £ 10 or 10% whichever is the greater. Just tell us the Required By Date on your order and we will do the rest.

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