The Glass Scribe aim to be your one-stop shop for all requirements of a glass and crystal engraving business.  Our comprehensive stocks of consumables are aimed to make your life easier and increase your profit margin!

Shop for Sandblasters Consumables

Selection of some of the Consumables offered by The Glass Scribe - Release Paper, Sandblasting Grit, Fragile and Masking Tape.
From Vellums and Release paper to Sandblasting grit and Sandblast resistant Tape, along with Colour infill, Cerium Oxide polishing powder and Drill kits, we even carry stocks of Blue tissue wrapping paper too!

Selection of some of the Consumables offered by The Glass Scribe - Colour Infill, Cerium Oxide and Blue tissue Paper
Either LaserJet or InkJet Vellum is available, along with an Ultra High Quality InkJet transparency direct from Rayzist.  We'll provide you with unbiased information on each and even cost-saving tips too!

Release paper is a must-have item, store your stencils on this specially coated paper.  It keeps your stencils safe from dirt and debris until ready for use.

High Grade, Pure White Aluminium Oxide.  Sandblasting is quick with this high-grade grit.  Being white it provides a beautiful matte white engraved finish.

Sandblast resist tape, at 50mm wide by 100m long, our 'masking' tape is extremely inexpensive, easy to use and extremely resistant to sandblasting.

Adding colour to your engraving is straightforward with our Durable, Opaque, Liquid colour enamel infills.  Increase your profit margin by adding a 'splash of colour!'

Made a 'costly' mistake when engraving?  Try Cerium Oxide polishing powder with our drill kit and polishing bonnet to polish out those mistakes!

Blue tissue wrapping paper, add an extra thoughtful touch for very little cost and effort, keeps your customers coming back time and time again.